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Arctic Adventures

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About Us:

Arctic Adventures is an Icelandic adventure and activity company with an emphasis on ecotourism and environmentally friendly trips throughout Iceland.

Here at the Arctic, we gather our knowledge to be able to offer a wide range of adventure tours.
Today, we are happy to offer a huge selection of tours within our brands – snowmobiling, snorkeling/diving, ice cave & glacier, whale watching, and many more!
Each company has great specialist knowledge and experience in its own field, bringing them together has created a fabulous platform for our guides to become an expert in more than one field. Our wide range of sub-brands gives us the tremendous advantage of being able to offer our clients top-quality tours lead by some of the very best guides in Iceland.

We want to help you to escape the ordinary, travel with passion and create memories which will last a lifetime. Iceland is a unique country to visit and our aim is to show you why.

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