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Tobago Tourism Agency

Exhibitor Listing 2022 - Tobago Tourism Agency 1

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About Us:

Tobago is a sight to behold. Under its surface, divers can discover a kaleidoscopic world, replete with vivid sponges and corals and brilliantly coloured marine life.
Tobago also has many highly trained instructors and a hyperbaric chamber, making Tobago the perfect dive destination for both experienced and novice divers.
Under the surface, divers will discover unspoilt reefs thick with sponges and corals – including the world’s largest known brain coral. Amongst the reefs, divers can expect to find closely-huddled schooling fish, moray eels, lobsters and sea horses, as well as headline attractions such as barracudas, tarpons, turtles, nurse sharks and rays.

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