GO Diving Show Speaker Profile – Stuart Philpott

Stuart Philpott has been diving and taking pictures for far too long! He started out as a diving instructor in the late-1980s and began writing articles and taking pictures soon after. He now has more than 300 published magazine articles and 70 front covers to his name.

Pictures of marine life, shipwrecks and scenic reefs look far better with a diver or freediver positioned somewhere in the composition. The whole perspective changes. Maybe subconsciously, we can relate more to the image, maybe we can imagine actually being there ourselves, in the thick of the action.

Stuart will be giving a presentation on how he uses models (divers) in his pictures. This covers all aspects, including how he sets the scene, choosing the right model, equipment and lighting considerations, humorous moments, pitfalls, etc. Whether it’s an unpredictable marine life encounter or a deep tech wreck, Stuart has usually made plans long before entering the water. Come along and find out more!


Stuart will be on the Photography Stage. Have you booked your tickets yet? www.godivingshow.com/dive-show-tickets/