GO Diving Show Speaker Q&A: Sally Cartwright

Sally Cartwright GO Diving Show

Name:  Sally Cartwright

Qualifications: SAA National Diver (CMAS 4*) SAA Regional Instructor (CMAS 3 *)

TDI Inspiration mixed gas diluent diver, TDI Inspiration air diluent decompression instructor,

SDI Open water, boat diving, computer nitrox, drift diving, deep diving, dry suit, night diving, search and rescue, wreck and CPROX 1st AED instructor

No. of dives: approx 3,800

Year qualified: 1993


Sally Cartwright & Mark Threadgold GO Diving Show
Sally with Mark Threadgold, holder of the deepest dive for a blind person. Photo by Adam Butler


Q: Where is your favourite dive site in the UK?

A:  The whole of the UK, Ireland  and Scotland are my favourite. Wreck of the Hispania in the Sound of Mull taught me everything I know about diving wrecks, did my 100th dive on her earlier this year.


Q: Where is your favourite dive site abroad?

A: Norway, intact wrecks and water clarity are outstanding.


Q: What is your favourite piece of diving equipment?

A: My blue Mako Otter Drysuit, colourful, love the flexibility as I have a few injuries and I can be a bit stiff, and the warmth of it for the colder waters.


Q: If you had one piece of advice for new divers, what would it be?

A: Be inspired and explore your dreams.


Q: What is the funniest thing that has happened to you while on a dive trip?

A: Too many things have happened over the years with my dive mates, reckon we could write a book. One I do remember and get asked to tell a lot is when rebreathers were in very early days and seals hadn’t a clue what they were. On a reef just off Canna, west coast of Scotland in a black drysuit, wearing a black rebreather and not making bubbles, one rather large bull seal took a male interest in me. Not really knowing what was going on and with a decompression obligation, I had to entertain the bull till my time was up – this only involved blowing bubbles and playing games, before anyone suggests anything! Anyway, I climbed back up the ladder on the MV Harry Slater and the skipper Dave just sat at the wheel smoking a cigarette and said: “Don’t worry, Sal, it’s mating season!” I just fell on the deck laughing and couldn’t get up. Little did I know some of my divers were hiding and watching what I was up to and reported back before I got out.

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