Miranda Krestovnikoff joins Andy Torbet as GO Diving compere

We’re pleased to announce Miranda Krestovnikoff will be joining Andy Torbet as a headliner and compere for the new #GODiving show.

Born in land-locked Buckinghamshire, Miranda never thought she’d end up as a water baby, but an attractive vet in the queue for the scuba diving club at University persuaded her to sign up and she was lured into the underwater world, never to look back.

Little did she realise that diving would shape her career. Her very first job as a television presenter involved diving with reef sharks and her first shark bite! Presenting two series of Wreck Detectives for Channel 4, she went on to explore underwater wonders around the UK for BBC2’s BAFTA-award-winning series Coast. She now dives and presents wildlife stories on BBC1’s The One Show and has even presented radio programmes underwater for BBC Radio 4’s Costing the Earth and the BBC World Service.

Her husband and two children have no option but to follow suit and they are all divers, too. She writes regularly about her diving adventures in the UK and abroad and the challenges of taking family to farflung places to pursue her hobby. Her passion is to clean up and protect our precious waters so the next generation can enjoy them as she has done.

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