GO Diving Show Speaker Profile – Tim Clements

Tim Clements started diving in 1990 while studying Marine Biology and Oceanography, becoming a BSAC Advanced Diver in 1993 and taking part in several scientific diving expeditions to Southern Ireland. Following an MSc in the Orkneys and an HSE Part IV qualification, Tim worked across the spectrum of diving, including environmental survey work, aquarium diving and media projects.

Eight years of aquarium education programmes has given Tim a deep enthusiasm for revealing the underwater world to divers and non-divers alike, even converting an old sewage works in Fort William into a public aquarium based around human marine exploration.

His diving has taken him to many countries, wrecks and reefs. Although Tim has also occasionally been persuaded to dive in warm water, he is convinced the UK offers some of the best diving in the world.

Tim began technical diving in 1999, taking part in the 990 magazine expedition to the Bullring in 2002 as underwater videographer.

Tim has applied his knowledge and experience to writing new materials for IANTD, with the Self Sufficient manual in 2017, plus Photogrammetry and Scientific Diving course materials for 2018.


Tim will be talking about opportunities for citizen science projects on the Tech Stage! Have you got your tickets for the GO Diving Show yet? www.godivingshow.com/dive-show-tickets/