Jason Brown

Jason Brown - Dive Show Profile #GODiving

Name: Jason Brown

Qualifications: GUE Tech-2 Advanced Trimix / IANTD Full Cave

No. of dives: 3000+

Year qualified: 1998


Q: Where is your favourite dive site in the UK?

A: I live about 90 minutes from Portland in Dorset so it’s always been my number one choice of diving destinations. From shore diving off Chesil Cove to a trimix dive on one of the many superb wrecks located offshore, Portland has it all. The Marina that is home to most of Portland’s hardboats is superb too – with free parking and a great pub overlooking the jetties. What more could you ask for?


Q: Where is your favourite dive site abroad?

A: My idea of ‘dive heaven’ is probably the Lot region in France. The cave diving in that part of the world is just superb and the surrounding countryside is breathtaking. Again, though, it’s the whole package that makes the Lot such a wonderful place to visit – the French cheese and wine is to die for! Recently I’ve become quite fixated on the wrecks of Malin Head off the coast of Donegal in Ireland. Massive guns sprawled across the seabed, Sherman tanks scattered like Tonka toys and 30 metre plus vis – does it get any better? Just need a rebreather to make the trimix bill a bit more manageable…


Q: What is your favourite piece of diving equipment?Jason Brown

A: Not easy to pin it down to one specific piece of equipment, tbh. I love the smooth and effortless breathe of my Apeks MTX-R regulators and my new Otter Atlantic drysuit is just sublime – I’ve never owned a drysuit that is so comfortable yet so tough and flexible!


Q: If you had one piece of advice for new divers, what would it be?

A: Don’t rush – learn to walk before you can run. Diving isn’t a race, it’s about consolidating what you’ve learnt so that they become second nature before you progress further. Focus too on the basics – the foundational stuff like buoyancy control is far more important than you could ever believe. No matter how far you go into diving, you’ll discover that the key to mastering new skills is solid foundational skills. Everything – and I mean everything – is built upon rock solid buoyancy control. Get that right and you’ll find that diving becomes effortless.


Q: What is the funniest thing that has happened to you while on a dive trip?

A: Most of the funny stuff tends to take place on the boat after a great dive. I guess that’s what makes diving such a wonderful sport – not only do you get to experience thrilling adventures underwater but you then get to share those experiences with your buddies over a Sailor Jerry after the dive! Diving folk are generally a fun bunch – yes, even technical divers – so there’s always plenty of post-dive banter and laughs!



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