The darkness beckons at GO Diving Show – are you ready for The Cave?

The GO Diving Show (Ricoh Arena, 21-23 February) is all about interactivity, and at the inaugural event in 2019, one of the most-popular activities was The Cave, an innovative man-made cave system that gave participants a small taste of what it is like to go caving and cave-diving.

Now, The Cave is back at the 2020 GO Diving Show! Want to know what is it like to scramble around in the pitch-black, your way forward through winding passageways lit only by the light
on your protective helmet? Visit GO Diving Show and you can find out!

You will don kneepads and a helmet with bright LED light and then venture into the daunting cave system. Through a clever and convoluted design that takes you up and down as well as left and right, you will traverse some 30 metres of dark, narrow cave passageways before emerging back into daylight. Along the way you will have to make your way through constrictions, around tight corners, over obstacles and even scramble through a deep ball pool in the middle of the route – and with four cameras inside the cave system linked into a TV mounted outside, your friends and family can see how you fair on your journey into the darkness!

Suitable for children (aged 4+) and adults alike, this interactive experience does, according to our cave-diving experts who gave it a go, give you a real flavour for what genuine caving feels like, but fear not, if the tight spaces and cloying darkness get too much for you, there are several emergency exits the team can open to get you quickly out.


Book your tickets now for GO Diving Show now, and kick off the 2020 diving season in style!