The Technical Stage

Phil Short at Technical Stage

As well as the star-studded Main Stage at the GO Diving Show – where you can catch Steve Backshall, Andy Torbet, Miranda Krestovnikoff and Monty Halls– there are also three other stages, the Technical Stage, the Photography Stage and the Inspiration Stage. Today, let’s look at the Technical Stage…


The Technical Stage

Whether you are already a qualified technical diver, or are a recreational diver looking at heading off down the route of twinsets, stage cylinders and closed-circuit rebreathers, or even just want to see some truly inspirational presentations, this is the place for you.

On Saturday, we have Sally Cartwright, John Kendall, Phil Short, Tim Clements, Chris Jewell, Chantelle Newman and Garry Dallas, who will be talking about everything from the Mars Project and citizen science, to starting out in cave and mine diving, remote expedition medicine, and the psychology of technical diving.

On Sunday, we have Ian France, Phil Short, Mark Powell, Luke Inman, Dave Gration and Olivier van Overbeek, and topics of discussion include Truk Lagoon and Bikini Atoll, newly discovered deep wrecks off Malta, the epic B-24 J Tulsamerican expedition, and an explanation of how to do tech – without being techie.


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