GO Diving Trade Event

Welcome to the Go Diving Show Trade-Only Event sponsored by SITA. The 2023 trade event has been consolidated into the main show and tickets offer early access to the main halls.

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What To Expect

The Go Diving Show is the premier trade event for the diving industry, offering a unique opportunity for professionals and enthusiasts alike to connect, learn, and discover the latest innovations in diving technology and equipment. Attendees will have the chance to network with industry leaders, discover new products and services, and learn from expert instructors and trainers.

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to dive deeper into the world of diving. Register today!

Training Updates

Find out what the latest updates are from your training agencies.

Equipment Sales

Meet with the manufacturers or secure deals with retailers before bringing your dive club.

Group Dive Trips

Speak with the tour operators and resorts to get the latest travel information and learn how to add a new revenue stream to your business.

Industry Keynotes

Listen to industry leaders giving keynotes on various topics.

“We negotiate gear and travel based on the needs of our dive club before bringing them for the weekend. This means we can use the show to generate revenue ”

"I consider the GO Diving Show Trade-Only Day an absolute must for anyone in the diving industry - there is no other opportunity like it to get face-to-face with major industry players."



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